Bipolar Australia Chair Prof. Philip Mitchell AM, NSW Mental Health Commissioner Catherine Lourey, Bipolar Australia Executive Director Susana Bluwol,  Mental Health Carers NSW  CEO Jonathan Harms, and Mental Health Coordinating Council CEO Carmel Tebbutt at the launch. 

27 March 2018

NSW Mental Health Commissioner Catherine Lourey marked World Bipolar Day (30 March) by launching a new resource for families and carers of people recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

‘Coming Home with Bipolar: Information for Families & Carers’ is a 40 page booklet produced by Bipolar Australia with the support of the NSW Mental Health Commission and Mental Health Carers NSW. The resource offers information to families about bipolar disorder and available treatments, as well as advice on how to support a loved one living with bipolar while also practicing self-care. It particularly emphasises the importance of open communication in families affected by the condition.

At the launch of ‘Coming Home with Bipolar’ at Parliament of NSW on March 26, Ms Lourey said she hoped the booklet will demystify some of the complexities of bipolar disorder for families and friends who are at the start of their caring experience.  

“This booklet challenges the myths and stigma about bipolar disorder head on, and I am very pleased that the Commission has had the opportunity to invest in such a positive recovery resource,” Ms Lourey said.

The launch was organised by Bipolar Australia and was open to all including consumers and carers.

To access ‘Coming Home with Bipolar: Information for Families & Carers’ go to Bipolar Australia’s website. Printed copies are also available to order by request from Bipolar Australia.


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Last updated: 20 April 2018