17 June 2020

This expression of interest is now closed and we are no longer taking applications. Thank you for your interest in this project.

The NSW Mental Health Commission is looking for young people to take part in a series of online interviews and workshops exploring how the Commission works with young people.

About this project

The Commission is committed to ensuring that people with lived experience of mental health issues and caring, family members and kinship groups can participate, influence and lead in all aspects of the mental health and social support systems. Young people have made important contributions to the development of the Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW and the mid-term review of Living Well

Building on our past work with young people, this project aims to co-design and develop improved opportunities for young people to continue to be involved in the Commission’s work. 

What will come out of this project? 

Following this project, the Commission hopes that young people will have helped:

  • Identify what young people might need to engage with the Commission.
  • Generate new ideas about how young people can be better involved in the work of the Commission.
  • Co-design resources to make engaging with young people more effective.

Am I eligible?  

The Commission encourages applications from young people who:

  • Live in NSW.
  • Are aged between 16-25 years old.
  • Have a lived experience of mental health issues.
  • Have a lived experience of caring, or who have family members or kin with lived experience of mental health issues

We would also like to hear from you if:

  • You have recent experience in mental health advocacy as a young person but are not 16-25 years old.
  • You are passionate about mental health and wellbeing but do not identify as someone with lived experience of mental health issues.
  • You are of any age but have experience engaging with young people around mental health and wellbeing that you would like to share.

We are especially keen to hear from you if you are Aboriginal, from a culturally or linguistically diverse background, live in rural New South Wales or identify with any LGBTIQ+ communities or experiences.  

What will I be doing? 

Consultations will take the form of either one-on-one interviews with a Commission staff member or small-group workshops with other young people. Each consultation will run for approximately 60-90 minutes. 

Due to ongoing public health controls, all interviews and workshops will occur via videoconferencing. If you do not have access to video conference software or this is an issue for you, let us know by email and we can discuss alternatives. 

When will the consultations take place?

Interviews and workshops will be conducted on between 15-30 June 2020. We will look to find a suitable time once you have registered your interest. 

Will I be paid? 

The Commission values the expertise that people with lived experience of mental health issues and caring bring. Eligible participants will be paid for their time. 

I have some support needs. Can these be accommodated?

The Commission recognises that people have different needs when it comes to participation. If you have support needs, please let us know in your email.

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Last updated: 29 June 2020