18 December 2018

The Commission is pleased to support a research project that brings the treatment of physical and mental health of people together in a project for community-managed organisations (CMOs) being run by the University of Newcastle.

Worldwide, the life expectancy of people living with a mental health condition is reduced by 12-30 years and 80% of this reduction is related to chronic physical disease. However, many of these diseases can be prevented by addressing harmful chronic disease risks such as smoking, harmful use of alcohol, poor nutrition, and lack of physical activity.

The University of Newcastle, with the support of the Mental Health Coordinating Council and Mental Health Commission of New South Wales, is conducting an important state-wide survey of CMOs in NSW.

The purpose of the survey is to better understand the type of chronic disease preventive care support that is being provided to people with a lived experience of a mental health condition, that is support for positive behaviour change around smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity and sleep.  

The survey represents a first step in the larger CMO Connect project, which we hope will identify some feasible models for how such support can be provided within the CMO context.

Leaders of CMOs in NSW have been sent an email with a link to a short online survey that will ask questions about how their organisation supports the physical health of their consumers. If you are a leader of a CMO in NSW, you can also join the survey directly using the following link: https://uonpsychology.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_896S9dcpCrgI11P 

Results from the survey will help us to better understand the range and reach of preventive care delivery by CMOs in NSW, and the types of resources that CMOs might need to provide such care.

For any inquiries please contact jenny.bowman@newcastle.edu.au

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