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27 February 2017

There are 31 subject-specific meetings (‘matches’) associated with the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership Exchange being held in Sydney. This is one of them.

Suicide Prevention Australia and RI International will host the 3rd International Summit of Zero Suicide in Healthcare. The Summit has become a regular part of the IIMHL program. Leading experts in healthcare and suicide prevention will seek to progress the ‘Zero Suicide’ initiative, targeting suicide prevention and behavioural health care systems where a cooperative system wide engagement seeks to achieve a target of zero suicides in the health care system (inspired by the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit). Suicide Prevention Australia is looking to launch a 5 year pilot of Zero Suicide across a number of sites. 

Seventy delegates representing varied countries, will be attending the match. Guest speakers include Dr Michael Hogan, David Covington, Kevin Hines, Jan Mokkenstorm, David Jobes and Virna Little.

The summit will introduce its mission and approach and lessons learned thus far, then build around the following modules:

  • Clinical pathways
  • Engaging peer supports
  • Research and evaluation.

There will be presentations, participative processes, discussion of high points and summarised take home messages.

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Last updated: 24 June 2017