Catherine Lourey
Deputy Commissioner (full time)

Catherine Lourey brings great insight and value to the role of Deputy Commissioner (full time) through her 30 years experience in the NSW health and mental health sectors.

Most recently, Ms Lourey has held the position of Special Advisor at the Commission, with her role integral in developing the One Year On progress report. This report was delivered to the NSW Government in February 2016, outlining the Commission’s progress towards implementing Living Well.

Previously, Ms Lourey held the position of Acting Deputy CEO of the National Mental Health Commission, where she directed the development of the 2014 national review of mental health services and programmes.

Ms Lourey is a champion of reform and understands that success is achieved through harnessing the ideas and commitment of partners and collaborators, and intrinsically involves people with lived experience and their carers and supporters.  She has a wide-ranging understanding of contemporary mental health issues, and brings an in-depth understanding of the NSW and national context for mental health reform and priorities.

“I am thrilled to be given this opportunity at the Commission to work with people across NSW, consumers and carers, professionals and community managed service providers, to improve outcomes and lives of people living with mental health problems and the people who support them,” Ms Lourey said.

Ms Lourey's highlights for 2015-16:

"One of the highlights for me was seeing the SPARK (Supporting the Promotion of Activated Research and Knowledge) training through, where 30 emerging leaders in mental health from across Australia participated in a two-day intensive work program in Sydney in June 2016 to learn from the Knowledge Translation team from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

This was the first time in Australia that this training has been made available. It strongly aligns and supports the Living Well reform agenda to give future leaders the skills and capacities to lead and be part of reform. It will also give emerging leaders an opportunity to practise their skills at the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership exchange in Sydney in February 2017."

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Last updated: 4 August 2017