This PhotoVoice Project is a collaborative initiative of the Northern Sydney First Australian Community, The Gaimaragal Group and Sydney North Shore and Beaches Partners in Recovery. This exhibition of photos is currently on display at the Commission offices, during July and August 2015.

"Wellness is the stories, the respect of all stones, tress, birds, fish, animals and humans. It is the respect of life and the land that provides. When we understand that, then we as First Australians can look at the societal issues that torment us, and see that really they are insignificant when you watch the Moon, (Nagaree) rise, or Yiah (the sun) dance on the water at dawn or take that next breath of air and be thankful for who your are. That's wellness!".

Dennis Foley, Gaimaragal Descendent.

Last updated: 26 June 2018