Paving the Way Home report cover
Lessons from 'My Choice: Pathways to Community Living Initiative'
24 October 2018

This report from the NSW Mental Health Commission highlights one of NSW's major mental health reforms, the Pathways to Community Living Initiative (PCLI). The PCLI is a coordinated state-wide approach to supporting people with enduring and serious mental illness who have been in hospital for more than twelve months to, wherever possible, re-establish their lives in the community.

PCLI is a direct response to the call in Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW 2014-2024 to increase the availability of community mental health services and supports in NSW, and provide community-based alternatives to long stay hospital care. It ​​is an initiative of the NSW Government, led by the NSW Ministry of Health.  

The Commission's report has been developed in strong partnership with the NSW Ministry of Health with the purpose of sharing the learnings from the first years of this initiative with others in NSW, Australia and beyond.

Paving the Way Home  details the key strategies that have underscored the program's success in helping people move 'home',  including new partnerships with residential aged care providers, culture change, distributive leadership, clear communication strategies and Open Dialogue methods. 



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Last updated: 17 December 2019