10 August 2015

Mr Feneley launched the Proposed Suicide Prevention Framework for NSW  at a National Suicide Prevention Summit at Parliament House in Canberra on 10 August 2015, funded by the Commission and developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Centre of Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention with the Black Dog Institute

The framework identifies nine strategies that could be applied in parallel at a local or regional level to reduce the number of suicides. They are:

  1. Reducing access to lethal means
  2. Responsible reporting of suicide by the media
  3. Promotion of national suicide awareness programs
  4. School-based peer support and mental health literacy
  5. Gatekeeper training for those like to be in contact with high risk individuals, including teachers, clergy, and community social workers
  6. Regular suicide prevention training for emergency services
  7. Training GPs to assess risk and start conversations
  8. Adequate access to tailored evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to high risk groups
  9. Targeted support for people who have made a previous attempt or are in current crisis through phone and online counselling, training for emergency department staff and out-patient support.

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Last updated: 21 July 2017