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6 March 2017

To support conversations and actions that reduce stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness, the Commission contracted the University of Melbourne to provide a report on the NSW findings from the National Surveys of Mental Health Literacy and Stigma and National Survey of Discrimination and Positive Treatment.

To highlight and synthesise findings, issues and implications, the Commission has produced the summary report as a companion document. 

Data from the University's report has been included in One year on: Progress report on the implementation of Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental health in NSW 2014-2024.

University of Melbourne report: Report - National Surveys of Mental Health Literacy, Stigma and Discrimination - NSW findings (1.5 MB)

Commission summary: Report - Summary of University of Melbroune report on NSW findings for National Surveys (393 kb)

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Last updated: 20 July 2017