Kim's story

A huge turning point in Kim Vo’s journey of living with mental illness came when he landed a job. 

“I was thrown in the deep end. I had been unemployed for a long time but one of the requirements of Centrelink was to get work. I ended up working at a restaurant where I was forced to interact with people, talk to customers and take orders. It wasn’t the best paying but it gave me purpose and drive and got my mind ticking over again.”

Jann's story

It took three decades for clinicians to find a combination of medications that successfully managed Jann O’Connor’s son’s paranoid schizophrenia*. For those 30 years – and still now on the eve of her 80th birthday – Jann has been her son’s primary carer and advocate. 

Adam's story

Adam Schwartz was just 10 years old when depression took hold of him for the first time. He can remember describing the feeling to his mother, saying his heart was ‘black’ and his body ‘full of anger’.

Karen's story

Karen Lesley Wells’ lived experience of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) led to the development of the consumer-led “ECT - Let’s talk about it!” project. Karen used her own experience, and the experiences of her research team and participants to inform the sector about consumer information, consent and support needs. The project team have already made many presentations at conferences, training workshops and services.


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