In 2015, the Commission contracted the Black Dog Institute to extend and improve the content of the iBobbly smartphone app, which uses evidence-based and culturally appropriate content to reach young Aboriginal people who are at risk of suicide, and who have very low levels of help-seeking. The project has made iBobbly more relevant and engaging to a wider group of users, in order to facilitate its uptake and evaluation regions outside Broome, where it was originally piloted. Other partners are Alive & Kicking Goals!, HITnet Innovations, Thoughtworks, Muru Marri Indigenous Health Unit UNSW, the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (YAW-CRC) and BackTrack (Armidale). The iBobbly app is currently undergoing a national trial.
Download the NSW iBobbly report.

Living Well Actions 2.2.6 and 3.4.3

Last updated: 28 June 2017