Workplaces are important settings for the promotion of good mental health, prevention of mental health problems, and for supporting employees experiencing mental illness. The Commission has joined with partners including icare, Safework NSW, WayAhead and beyondblue to collaboratively promote mentally healthy workplaces.  In addition to providing ongoing advocacy and advice, the Commission has led specific projects including the development of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for First Responders in NSW. The evidence-based Strategy emphasises the importance of prevention and early intervention for emergency service workers, who are regularly exposed to different types of trauma. To complement the written document, the Commission joined forces with iCare to produce a series of educational and promotional videos about the importance of mental wellbeing among first responders and how it can be facilitated.
Other projects in this space include the Commission’s May 2016 community event, Living Well@Workin which four expert panellists provided advice to audience members on how to manage mental illness in the workplace. Videos of the event are available online.

Living Well Actions 3.1.2 and 3.5

Last updated: 28 June 2017